LTR450 +1/2 & -1 1/16 XC

Price:  LTR 450 LT MX +1/2"- MSRP $995.00 
            LTR450 +1/2 & -1 1/16 XC- $ 895.00

Applications: Suzuki XC & MX LT-R 450
Features:  CAD developed for the optimal shock to A arm motion ratio. These suspension components are for the serious motocross, cross country and desert racers. Whether it’s a rut, rock or a stump this design clearly has advantages over the normal conventional straight A arm and the “Gull Wing” design.


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LT-R 450 LT MX +1/2" 

Price:  $895.00 per pair

Applications: LTR450R 06'

  • Professionally TIG welded
  • Gusseted in all necessary areas
  • Made for maximum ground clearance
  • No caster adjusting required
  • Camber adjustable
  • Delrin bushings with O rings & Plated steel bushing inserts
  • Heavy duty ball joints

Area 51 TRX/LTR 450 MGC series A arms

Price: $ 1,650.00

With extensive testing and design. We have found that by using the Suzuki LTR450R steering and braking components, the Honda TRX450R can now handle even better than before.  We have designed a Long Travel,

Maximum Ground clearance A arm that uses the LTR450R spindle, brakes and hub components. We also use a similar design of the LTR steering stem “flag”. With this newest technology, the TRX450R will handle the most roughest terrain, faster cornering, off camber jumps, quicker turning, less bump steer and a much more predictable ride.

 We have tested and tuned these components with some off the fastest, championship winning Pro Am and A riders in the United States. Collectively, we feel we have the best handling, practical and most economical front end on the market today.


Price: All models $365.00 with clamp 
$265.00 w/o clamp 
Chrome add $35.00

Features: We manufacture Anti vibration steering stems for your atv. They are all constructed with 4130 Chromoly steel tubing and professionally TIG welded. Unlike the competition we use all Chromoly steel especially the "flag" on the TRX450R.  The billet aluminum bar clamps all have the standard "tether" kill switch mount incorporated into them for a clean appearance and of course with our logo engraved into the top of them. They are offered in +0" through plus 4" in 1/4" increments. Also +1/2" forward is available.  All stems are chrome plated with clamp and kill switch plate included.