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ATV Four Play would like to offer all Soft Bar owners a winter or “off season” service program.

If you send in your Soft Bars, we will thoroughly inspect, clean and provide the 2010 stud updates. What does this mean? In our 2009 testing and R&D we have found that in a hard crash or if the bars are not completely tightened on to an aftermarket stem the 10mm studs can bend. So we have a new, stronger method of securing the Soft Bars to your aftermarket steering stem.

So, if your Soft Bars have 10mm studs that look like this:

                                                    OLD STYLE                                                                                         NEW STYLE

Comments from members at KTM ATV HQ

+ "Tom, I wanted to tell you the soft bars are great. I really like the way they feel and the added height is a plus for me. I am attaching a picture from my last race, boy did the soft bars save me for it, nasty rocks everywhere."  Thanks, Chris Howell

+ "Hey everyone, I have a set of bars from ATVfourplay and they are better than FLEXX bars. They are easier to maintain, adjustable and less expensive. I actually was one of the first people to get bars from Tom for a KTM because I had to go to his shop in Wadsworth, Oh. to get the span for handle bar mount drilled out. He had bars made for Honda & Yamaha but neither would work on KTM. You try these and you'll never use FLEXX again."

+ "Just got mine in the mail today (middle ones) and they are even better looking in person. Quality is top notch! "
+ "Ok so I finally got to ride with these bars for the 1st time today and I cant believe what Ive been missing all these years. I will never ride without these again. I got used to them after 1 lap. It felt like I got upgraded front shocks on my bike. Keep in mind that I never rode with any flexible style handlebar before so this is a shock to me. All the impact on my arms from deep ruts, whoops, and jumps are gone. There is a double on the track that Ive tried twice and got hurt both times due to overjumping then coming up too short. Well today I tried it again and came up short but all the impact was gone and I kept trying it till I landed it right. Now time after time I hit it perfect. Without these bars I wouldnt have accomplished that today. I know Im rambling on but Im very happy cause I feel like they make me a better rider and more confident. This is the best upgrade you can do for under $300."

+ "have the soft bars and I absolutely love them. It took alittle bit to get used to them but now I cant go back. I had stiffened them up some but slowly softened them all the way up once I got used to them. They make riding a whole lot easier on your arms."

Send them back to us for the updates and we will inspect, clean and replace the dampening bushings, the O rings and grease the Soft bars for a low cost of $35.00.  This does not include shipping. 


Soft Bars  $399.99
Handle Bar Clamp $115.00
Antivibe Bushing Kit  $29.50

After several months of testing on mini quads and big quads, we believe that we have constructed a means that greatly reduces the harsh impacts on youth rider’s upper body commonly associated with ATV riding.  The idea was to design a handle bar assembly specific for ATV use.  We also wanted an system that would conform to the rider’s ever changing body position.  Normally the youth rider’s arms, wrists and upper body’s are not fully developed to handle these impacts. With that in mind the youth rider's weight being much lighter, it is necessary to have the bars pivot with less downward force. So the with our design it is possible to make the resistance "lighter on the top" of the travel.  Initially our intent was to build the SOFT BARS specific for the "mini-quad rider". But due to overwhelming inquiry's and requests we have decided to build the bars for the big quads too.

Our SOFT BARS use a (PDS) Progressive Dampening System. This system uses a dual rate vertical cartridge installed in the upright pivot assembly. This fully adjustable system allows for light resistance at the beginning of the travel continuing to a heavier resistance at the end of travel.  ATV Four Play’s SOFT BARS  will initially be offered in (1) style which is very similar to the CR HIGH. The sweep is at 12 degree's back.

The SOFT BARS are only suited for aftermarket ATV steering stems and certain models of OE steering stems. The SOFT BARS cannot be used on a motorcycle. The reason is we do not use the "clamp tube" that is secured to motorcycle by a handlebar clamp. SOFT BARS bolt directly to the ATV steering stem and  does not require   the "traditional" handle bar clamp arrangement or the   1/8" adapters.

  • Constructed of T-3 2024 Aluminum tubing & billet T-6 6061
  • All hardened and zinc/stainless hardware
  • Pivot area's are sealed
  • Zerk fitting's installed in the pivot area to reduce the  possibilities of  "seizing"
  • Dual Rate cartridges (PDS) Progressive Dampening System
  • Lightweight
  • Modular
  • Rebuildable
  • Anodized
  • SOFT BARS are only suited for aftermarket ATV steering stems and certain stock ATV steering stems.
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds
  • Bar pads are all gloss black with our ATV Four Play Logo. 
  • Available in  Black, Orange, Red and Orange/Black

MSRP $399.99 per set


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