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Ever wonder if the ATV Four Play radius ARM's were tough?

So did we, so we gave Anthony Yount

a set to test for us.


ATV FOUR PLAY'S POLARIS XP 900 MAXIMUM GROUND CLEARANCE A ARMS, +0” +0”. standard width and wheel base.

MSRP $ 899.99   Includes all (4) A arms, Powder Coated and HD FRAP AFTER MARKET SEALED BALL JOINTS.
MSRP $ 539.00   Includes only (2) lower A arms, Powder Coated and HD FRAP AFTER MARKET SEALED BALL JOINTS.
MSRP $ 525.99   Includes all (4) A arms- BARE, NO BALL JOINTS AND NO BUSHINGS
MSRP $ 399.99   Includes only (2) lower A arms- BARE, NO BALL JOINTS AND NO BUSHINGS

  • Constructed from 1.250” x .120 PREMIUM Domestic DOM steel tubing.
  • CNC Machined upper and lower pivot tubes.
  • CNC Machined ball joint cups
  • TIG welded.
  • *Includes and installed PREMIUM URETHANE bushings. ( Uses stock pivot sleeve)
  • *Includes and installed quality sealed aftermarket ball joints
  • *Sandblasted and powder coated. ( many color options available)
  • Grease fittings
  • Provides much more ground clearance than stock.
  • MUCH stronger than stock.
  • Stock width 0” forward for better handling.
  • Uses the stock OEM pivot sleeves. 
  • MADE IN THE USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

* Optional please see prices above.

ATV FOUR-PLAY ... it's the logical choice

ATV Four Play’s Platinum Series High Clearance Trailing arm (+0”).

MSRP $789.00
I want to point out the reason why we don’t call these the “MAX Ground Clearance Trailing arms”.  It’s because they’re not “MAX”. There are other’s that have more clearance that these.  But, only because they use ONE straight tube. This maybe a method for more clearance.

But not a method for strength and reliability. Without added support under the shock mount and only two Points from front of RZR to spindle. The tube will roll and eventually yield. Also due to the leverage in the center of the shock mount. The tube will eventually bend.


  • 1.750”x .188 wall DOM steel tubing. AMERICAN MADE STEEL. PLYMOUTH TUBE
  • 2- 1.250 x .120 wall DOM steel tubes.
  • 2- Laser cut, steel plates welded for even more strength,
  • TIG Welded.
  • 3/16”HD shock mounts
  • CNC tube adapter, custom designed for specific application.
  • Heavy Duty ¾”Rod end.
  • Sway bar attachment in OEM location and reinforced. Will not pull out….
  • 1.5”-2” added ground clearance than OEM.



ATV Four Play’s POLARIS vehicle PRODUCTS

ATV Four Play’s Polaris XP1K-SWB-047.**NEW**

Introducing ATV Four Play’s XP1K-SWB-047. This product will revolutionize how the Polaris XP1K and Polaris XP1K Turbo will perform in short course and GNCC style racing venues. 
We took the stock 2017 Polaris XP1K which has a wheel base of 90” and shortened the entire rear end to 86”. 
Why? Because the 90” wheel base is just too long to maneuver in tight areas.
By shortening the wheel base, this will allow the vehicle to respond faster in corners. In addition, this will put the weight of the engine directly over the axles, radius arms and wheels. Which will result in less wheel spin and provide more traction.
Please note: we haven’t tested this application on hill climbing. But we’re quite confident that it WILL NOT be the best choice to use this product if you intend to climb some steep hills. 

The XP1K-SWB-047 consists of the following components:
2- ATV Four Play -4” race edition trailing arms
4- ATV Four Play -4” adjustable Race edition radius arms
4- Heavy duty 5/8” 4130 heim joints and jam nuts
4- Heavy duty Uniballs, spacers and O-rings

​MSRP $ 1,737.50

ATV Four Play’s XP900 Nerf bars, Rock slider’s or tree kickers, Gen. II

MSRP $ 475.00 Sandblasted and powder coated
MSRP $ 435.00 Bare

  • Constructed from 1.250 .095 DOM steel tubing and .250 steel plates.
  • Professionally TIG welded.
  • Bolt through design. (4) 5/16" Grade 8 bolts. Shear strength EACH 6,902.
  • Rugged materials and design.
  • Offered in bare or powder coated
  • The bars run on an angle out past the tires to offer additional side protection.
  • Requires minor drilling of existing holes.
  • Added vertical upright tube for added strength.
  • HEAVY DUTY mounting bracket and hardware. NOT a cheap U bolt attachment. See pictures for clarification.


​Coming soon!

ATV Four Play’s Polaris XP1K and XP1K Turbo.**NEW**

After several months of testing and development. ATV Four Play is proud to release our Platinum Series products for the Polaris XP1K and the Polaris XP1K Turbo SXS.

Maximum Ground Clearance Race Edition A arms

  • MADE IN AMERCA! #merica
  • Constructed of American made 1 ¼” 4130 chromoly steel tubing.
  • Handcrafted with exceptional fitment to vehicle.
  • Fully TIG welded.
  • CNC produced components.
  • Offers more ground clearance.
  • Extremely heavy duty.
  • Several opposing tubes for added strength.
  • Optional lower A arms with King Pin design for camber adjustment.
  • A arm’s designed to use a HD aftermarket ball joint.
  • Optional sway bar link mounts for stock sway bar on Turbo model. Please add $75.00.
  • XP1K A arms are only offered in standard wheel base. This is due to performance of the vehicle. By moving the arm’s forward, this reduces the vehicle’s turning ability. Which will cause the vehicle to “push” in the corner’s.
  • Quality, Quality, Quality

ATV Four Play’s Polaris XP1K HD Platinum Series Trailing Arms.**NEW**

Designed for durability and strength. HIGH quality product.

  • Made from 1.5” x 3” .188 wall steel tubing.
  • Professionally TIG welded.
  • Incorporated precision laser plates.
  • 4130 through tubes for added strength.
  • Combination shock mount and sway bar links laser plates.
  • HD .250 steel gussets
  • HD .375 steel hub plates
  • HD chromoly ¾-16 rod end.
  • Stock length or extended length option
  • Weighs 28 pounds each.
  • More ground clearance than OEM style.

Bare, No coatings        $ 825.00
Powder coated            $ 895.00


Race Edition A arms, BARE- # 1KKPB

With ball joint housings on uppers and king pin lowers No ball joints or bushings, BARE


Race Edition A arms, Sand blasted & Powder coated   # KKPPC

With Frap ball joints, bushings, king pins and HD heim joints on lowers
Race Edition A arms, BARE  #1KBJB
With ball joint cups on uppers and lowers.    No ball joints or bushings BARE

Race Edition A arms, Sand blasted & Powder coated  # 1KBJPC

With FRAP ball joints uppers and lowers. Includes bushing kit.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

ATV Four Play Polaris RZR XP900 Platinum Series High clearance Radius ARM’s

ATV Four Play’s Platinum Series High clearance Radius ARM’s
We took this project a little further than most of our competitor’s…
These are definitely not a formed tube with a plate to hopefully not bend.
This is a Radius ARM. Please don’t confuse this with a radius rod.
MSRP $ 385.00.00 lower set
MSRP $ 660.00 FULL SET
 Polaris RZR XP 900 and XP1k, 2012-2014

  • Made from 1.00” x .250 wall DOM 1026 in a “truss” style design for Maximum strength.
  • CNC Uni-ball housings
  • Adjustable camber settings
  • Heavy Duty 5/8” 4130 rod ends.
  • Heavy Duty Uni-balls with O-rings seals
  • Includes plated steel Uni-ball reducers.
  • Sandblasted and powder coated.
  • Bare metal is an option. Call for price savings.             

ATV Four Play's

Polaris RZR 800 S Nerf Bars

$ 455.00 a set

Another one of our observations from other manufacturers of nerf bars. They seem to be very weak in design for side load and vertical impacts. The majority of the ones we've seen use a thin 3/16 mild steel plate. In which small tabs are bent into the plates and they attach to the car.

Also, we decided not to bring an upright up by the rear fender and attaching it to the car through the plastics. The reason for this. Is too many times a small tree or tree branch will go into the open area. As you continue going forward. Potentially it could twist the obstacle into the fenders and do more damage.

  • Constructed from 1.250 .095 DOM steel tubing.
  • Professionally TIG welded.
  • Bolt through design. (4) 5/16" Grade 8 bolts. Shear strength EACH 6,902.
  • Rugged materials
  • Offered in bare or powder coated
  • The bars run a angle out past the tires to offer additional side protection.
  • Requires minor drilling of existing holes.