Price: $265.00 with out clamp. Powder coat only, chrome add $50.00 

Features:  Billet clamp and kill switch mount.

ATV FOUR-PLAY ... it's the logical choice

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ATV Four Play’s DRR stem support bracket

Price: $85.00 

This is a must have item for your DRR ATV.

This bracket will greatly reduce the risk of bending your steering stem in a roll over scenario.  The bracket raises the clamping method of your steering stem up by 6”. It is a bolt on kit and all hardware is included. The bracket is only offered in a black powder coating. 

Here's our method to beat those issues: 

  • ATV Four Play's 2015 Generation II long travel A arms.
  • In lieu of the typical pivot tube with bushings and sleeves.
  • We now use a HD 10mm spherical bearing, seals, snap rings and steel spacers.
  • Due to the nature of the spherical bearing in the pivot. The bolt will pass through guaranteeing that the holes are all concentric with each other.
  • Resulting in proper torque specs of the hardware, Zero drag on the A arms while going through the travel. No more binding! Much better suspension reactions, less friction, less heat in the shocks. 
  • Overall a huge improvement for a mini quad.
  • In addition to that, we also boast having the longest front and rear shocks for the DRR in the industry. Resulting in more wheel travel, better shock setup, more oil in the shocks, which equals less heat. A much better, faster and above all, a safer ride.

Gen. II DRR mini quad MGC

Concentrical Edition

Price: $950.00

This project for the DRR has been in the works for quite a while. 
A few issues that the DRR mini quad has is the craftsmanship is not consistent from one machine to the other. Especially in the front A arm mounting locations. 
An example of what I mean is. Once you position arms into frame and you tighten the hardware. The arms will not pivot properly. (They bind) So to combat this, you need loosen the bolts. This will allow the arms to travel freely.. However, this is a recipe for frame carnage....

After a while the holes in the frame become "egged out". Resulting in excessive movement in the geometry of the vehicle. Also this can result in the bolt snapping on the A arm.
Another thing we've noticed is the brackets that are welded to the frames for the A arm mounts has (4) holes in them for the bolts to pass through. Majority of all the frames we've worked on have the same problem. The holes are not concentric with each other. Again, the only way to fix that, is run a loose bolt.....bad idea.
So, if you have the pivot tube on the A arm and bushings pressed into the Pivot tubes. Then a steel sleeve in the bushings. Now you hope that once installed. Everything should line up and be concentric with the holes in the frame. 
Not always the case.


Price: DRR/DRX $ 650.00
           DRR RH $950

Features:  When used with the FOX Podium you get 8.5" of useable travel. 4130 Chromoly, CNC Laser parts, Tubular design and uses the 400EX chain slider.

ATV Four Play’s Platinum Series
2015 DRR Mini quad Round house swing arm

Price: $975.00

  • Constructed with our signatory "crushed tube design"
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Designed to use a 15” shock
  • Uses a 400EX chain slide and aftermarket chain tensioner
  • Sandblasted and powder coated
  • Platinum Series Life time warrant


  • Billet aluminum bearing carrier
  • Billet brake plate